Foiling Canada Mission

Our goal is to grow and promote hydrofoiling industry in the professional and leisure marine sectors with the focus on passenger and cargo transportation and sports and recreation opportunities in Canada.

While the industry might be embracing foiling, the rate of adoption can vary significantly across different sectors and regions. An organization dedicated to promoting hydrofoils accelerates this process through focused initiatives and resources.

Moving over water on hydrofoils is not just a spectacular phenomenon for sailing sports – it is a modern and fast mode of transportation that saves a lot on propulsion power for various boats and is therefore an important contribution to the development of more sustainable transportation mode, reducing emissions significantly for waterborne public and cargo transportation vessels and for leisure motor boats.

We are looking to partner together with stakeholders on municipal, provincial, and federal level and utilize this amazing business and recreational opportunity as it was showcased by the recent introduction of SailGP hydrofoiling catamaran race event in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Promotion of the use of hydrofoils on pleasure boats and commercial craft  is to be achieved through a variety of strategies. These include:

  1. Education and Training: Courses, workshops, and seminars to educate boat owners and manufacturers about the benefits of hydrofoils, including increased speed, efficiency, and reduced fuel consumption.
  2. Research and Development: Supporting and funding research initiatives that focus on advancing hydrofoil technology and its applications in both pleasure boats and commercial vessels.
  3. Events and Competitions: Organizing or sponsoring foiling events, races, and demonstrations that showcase the capabilities and advantages of hydrofoil technology can help increase visibility and interest.
  4. Partnerships: Collaborating with boat manufacturers, marine engineers, and universities to foster innovation and integrate hydrofoil technology into mainstream boat designs.
  5. Policy Advocacy: Working with regulatory bodies to ensure that waterways are accessible for hydrofoil-equipped vessels and advocating for policies that support the adoption of green technologies in the maritime industry.
  6. Public Awareness Campaigns: Running marketing and information campaigns to highlight the environmental and economic benefits of using hydrofoils on watercraft.

Contact us for partnership, advertising, and hydrofoiling industry growth opportunities across Canada and North America. Foiling Canada helps you engage and showcase foiling products and services while making valuable connections with North American hydrofoiling industry. We have a variety of channels and resources to help you reach your target audience.

Get your foiling organization or products featured. We team up with guest contributors, content and destination partners working on various special features, promotions, and other business opportunities.

Partnership and collaboration play an important role in how we work and how we create a positive impact while we help and support developments in these amazing times for foil. From urban and cargo transportation to water sports and recreation business opportunities, we are your foiling partner in Canadian and North American markets.

International Events Ecosystem

Foiling Week™ – The first and unique global event dedicated to the amazingly fast foiling boats, to their sailors, designers and manufacturers. A World Sailing Special Event since 2021.

Foiling Awards – Given annually since 2016 to the best projects, athletes and events elected by the international foiling community.

Foiling SuMoth – A challenge for engineering and naval architecture universities from around the world to design, develop and build the best performing and most sustainable boat.

Foiling Film Festival – Celebrating the best foiling-related film productions. 50 movies selected from 10 Nations and 7 awarding categories in 2022.

Foiling Youth World Series – A multi-class competition for youth teams from leading sailing entities that will start with a world contest Series.

The Foiling Organization – An accelerated networking path towards foiling development for builders, architects, designers and engineers, universities and research centers, MNAs, clubs, events, classes, teams and sailors.

SAS Foiling Class – A Safe, Accessible and Sustainable electronic controlled full foiling boat, conceived and built for sailors with and without disabilities, conceived to bring sailing back at Paralympic Games (#backthebid).

Foiling in Canada

Hydrofoiling water sports are rapidly growing across Canada. Traditional sailing organizations are embracing foiling dinghies and teaching new skills while retailers are offering foilboards and foils as well as other related equipment for hydrofoiling water sports.

The future is no doubt bright. Explore Foiling Canada website to learn more.