Presqu’ile Provincial Park has been home to kitesurfers, surfers, and windsurfers for many years. Beautiful sandy beaches, good winds and waves provide excellent conditions for hydrofoiling water sports enthusiasts just the same. East of Toronto, near Brighton, Ontario, on the north side of Lake Ontario, offers its very own official β€œKiteboarding Zone” with tons of beach space for foiling equipment and kites to setup & go!

It is only about 1-1/2 hours East of Toronto and well worth the drive! Lots parking and just a short walk to the beach makes this foiling spot easy to access. A wide beach welcomes you to this picturesque water sports destination. There’s lots of space to set up your kite and picnic tables to put your gear on so it doesn’t have to be on the wet sand. With a massive stretch of dedicated water sports beach and tons of space for everyone to ride & fly!

Great wide open area in the water to enjoy hydrofoiling activities. It can get crowded on weekends like most of the kite spots when it is windy. The water is clean and pretty clear and shallow for a short distance and then gets deep pretty fast. When you get out further you’ll encounter lots of shallow areas close to the two islands you see from shore.

There are restrictions concerning these islands because of birds nesting in these areas so we are not supposed to get too close. A flyer of all rules and restriction is available on the park entrance gate or from a park staff member. Also a box with flyers for rules of kiting on this beach is also available mounted on a post just before you walk to the narrow path to the beach.

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