The WeCANFoil program was created with the mission to get Canadians foiling by providing training opportunities, sailing camps and demo days across the country. WeCANfoil is your first step to flight and an opportunity to get on a pathway to pro.

Get ready for Foil Kingston and improve your foiling! 3 days of foiling with great coaches. Classes: Waszp Wingfoil Windfoil (Windsurf) Schedule: July 2: 14:00-18:00 Check in, equipment preparation and casual sail. July 3: 10:00-17:00 Training and video session. July 4: 10:00-17:00 Training and video session.

Be it through demo days, training camps or competitions, WeCANFoil is your opportunity to try foiling, take flight, and get on the pathway to pro. The WeCANFoil programme’s mandate is to get Canadians foiling!

Foiling is the new sailing, with speeds and thrills that entice kids of all ages to get out on the water. There are three goals for WCF:


  • Develop a pathway for young sailors in foiling at a national and international level and pool of talent for professional sailing teams to draw upon


  • Development of a curriculum and training programme for foiling coaches in Canada in collaboration with Sail Canada

Provide participation opportunities to get youth and non-youth into foiling as an amateur sporting activity.

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