Before attempting to pump foil, it’s a good idea to master two fundamental skills: comfortably carving on hydrofoils and surfing the second wake with ease. Pumping involves maintaining the mast halfway or three-quarters out of the water. By driving the front foot down towards the water, the rider gains speed.

As the foil nears the water, shifting weight to the back foot raises the foil, priming the rider to restart the sequence. The front foot drives the foil down for speed, while the back foot propels it up. Importantly, pumping is not merely bouncing on the board; it requires a specific motion to achieve the desired speed.

For beginners, a recommended exercise involves practicing this motion on the first or second wake, gradually accelerating the rhythm. Mastery on steeper wakes prepares riders to transition to weaker wake areas and eventually flat waters, relying on pumping to maintain pace with the wake.

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