They are not a Lake Michigan state company from US. Typical patterns and symbols from North American history is how they came up with the name Indiana. Their feather logo symbolizes closeness to nature and also lightness – not only in life and sport in general, but also the actual weight of their products.

Indiana Paddle & Surf design and manufacture various board sports equipment including hydrofoiling gear, namely carbon and inflatable foilboards as well as complete foils for various foiling activities.

Company was started by Maurus Strobel, a world champion slalom skateboarder and managing director of Indiana Paddle & Surf. Starting with SUP boards and surfboards over 10 years ago, they expanded into other water sports and delivered an excellent line of foiling products for pump foil, wing foiling, windfoiling and more.

Their philosophy is to be on the water – that’s what we live for and that’s what we work for. Our ambition: to put the best boards under the feet of our customers and to hand them the best paddles. There is no magic involved: Our gear is the result of dedication, curiosity, courage of our perfectly matching team of athletes, shapers, product designers, graphic designers, manufacturers, logisticians, IT specialists – each of them does, what he or she does best and each of them is indispensable.

Since 2018, the paddleboards have been accompanied by surfboards, wakeboards, kitesurfing boards, and various foil boards, either made of carbon or inflatable. To match this diversity, the brand got a new name in 2018: Indiana Paddle & Surf.

The range has grown to over 130 boards. Especially in the foil area, the range has been greatly expanded. Our own Foil Development Team developed the High Performance Foil Series which is state of the art. Foilers from all disciplines enjoy performance and quality. The Board & Foil Finder helps to find the right product.

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