Leaving from Toulon France to Calvi Corsica Erwan Jauffroy rode favourable Mistral winds to set a new downwind SUP foilboard record after 12 hours and 19 minutes of continuous foiling.

He said that ” The challenge was enormous for this project, which was reputed to be unfeasible. The symbolism of linking two territories so far apart and separated by the sea is crazy. But failure was not an option, if only to honor the countless support received from my sponsors, friends and family. Today, the satisfaction is equal to the difficulty of the challenge.

There were some incredible moments with the dolphins, the turtles, the sight of the Revelata lighthouse in the evening light on arrival, and the welcome from the locals on the water! My team and I made memories that will stay with us forever. Of course, there were also some unforgettable moments of gliding through the immensity of the open sea. But physically and mentally, it was no walk in the park. I was at the end of my rope”.


“We raced for wind and sea angles that wouldn’t consume energy. We also had to anticipate a progressive west-southwest rotation. After a beautiful site effect at Revelata, with a 35-knot wind, we finally arrived in Calvi during the day. I was pretty tired, but happy to have succeeded in this challenge that we had prepared for so long. I hope it can serve as an inspiration to other riders who want to take on similar challenges.”

After having been French windsurfing champion, then managing the biggest french water sports magazines (Wind magazine, Kiteboarder magazine, SUP magazine, Wingsurf magazine, etc.) over the past 20 years, Erwan Jauffroy continues to share his passion and its expertise through advice videos to progress, choose the right gear, find the right spots but also places to understand the evolution of the sport or its challenges.

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