Lake Newell is a great destination for all kinds of water sports including foiling. Most activities are taking place from Kinbrook Island Provincial Park at the day use and boat launch parking lot or Newell Sailing Club as there is reasonably good access to the water with lots of grass rigging sites.

Other good access is from White Pelican Park at Lake Newell Resort on the North West corner of the lake as well as the Lake Newell Resort Marina area on the West and South side close to the public beach. There is a good sized parking lot, lots of grass for rigging and a sandy beach with a fairly firm and gradually deepening bottom.

All roads to these sites are paved. Bathrooms are seasonal at both locations and should be in place from May to end of September. Kiteboarding is becoming popular as well on Lake Newell and tends to happen more around Lake Newell Resort marina area than at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park. There are also other access to lake areas used by the kiteboarders as well, dependent on wind direction but this is generally known by the ‘locals’ so checking with them would locate where these areas are.

Checking with ‘Windfinder’ , iwindsurf, etc. is a good way to get a feel for wind conditions on Lake Newell. It may lie on the wind fringes when the south westerly winds are strong but it makes up when windy by having lovely large waves that are a lot of fun to windsurf in. Windsurfing season is generally from May to October. You will need a warmer (4/3mm thick) wetsuit in early or late season sailing and a shorty for the mid season depending on the conditions. I always wear a life jacket for a couple of reasons and would advise everyone to do the same.

Larger sails and wings will be suitable for most conditions but there are a fair number of 5 meter days and perhaps a few smaller size sail days in the season.

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