Blowfish is the do-it-all, fly over water, ultimate eFoil adventure accessory. Whether learning to how to eFoil or adding unstoppable utility to your favorite Lift eFoil, Blowfish promises epic rides and unforgettable memories.

Blowfish merges inflatable SUP buoyancy with dinghy utility, creating new ways to adventure on your eFoil. Perfect for new and experienced riders alike.

The Best Way to Learn How to eFoil. With enhanced buoyancy, smoother edges, and extra handles, Blowfish offers a safer, easier learning experience. Thanks to its added buoyancy, Blowfish makes eFoiling more approachable, reducing the intimidation and helping everyone learn how to eFoil with confidence and proper form.

Whether you’re looking for your first eFoil or you’ve been riding for years, Blowfish is the best eFoil accessory.

Blowfish transforms your eFoil into a versatile adventure for all β€” build confidence as you learn, then remove when you’re ready to rip. Perfect for a family day out or bombing across the water. One board, limitless possibilities.

This eFoiling innovation opens up more possibilities for adventure while exploring the waters around you. Use your Lift eFoil as a gateway to get you to a secluded fishing hole or snorkeling spot. Drop anchor and get lost in your surroundings.

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