The aim of the Global Wingsports Association (GWA) is to globally promote every aspect of wing-foil-, wing-surf-, wing-board-sports, and any other sport in which a wing is used on water, land or snow, in collaboration with the hydrofoiling wingsports industry. The GWA will build a platform for all interest groups of wingsports, be it national, continental or international, with the aim to bring more people into wingsports and foiling.

The Global Wingsports Association (GWA) is the organization that officially holds competitions in all disciplines of international wingsports, the fastest growong segment of the hydrofoiling water sports industry.

Wingsports (also called Wingfoiling or Wingboarding) is an exciting, new and fast growing sport. It’s a hybrid of many existing water- and landsports, and due to this fact appeals to a wide range of people.

Hydrofoil boards became popular back in 2013 after watersports enthusiasts saw the extreme speeds reached by sailing Catamarans. The same principles were used in new board designs, and hydrofoils started appearing on stand-up-paddle, windsurfing and kitesurfing boards, bringing new dynamics and faster speeds to each sport individually. When the first wings were developed, which could be used together with a hydrofoil board, a new sport was born.

Wingfoil Disciplines

The β€œWingsports”-sport can be divided into two main categories; Wingfoiling and Wingboarding. Those main categories are divided in different wingfoil disciplines and wingboarding disciplines. Click the links below to go to the individual discipline pages to read more about each discipline!

Wingfoiling covers the β€œwater-variant” and is currently divided into two different disciplines:

  • Surf-Freestyle
  • FreeFly-Slalom
  • Wave
  • Big Air

Wingboarding covers the land & snow variants of the sport with 3 different types of boards:

  • Skateboard (Land)
  • Mountainboard (Land)
  • Snowboard (Snow)

Wingfoiling has exploded in popularity in the last years, in part because its uniqueness and versatility makes it appealing to all board sports fanatics. Skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers already have the skills and knowledge of wind and/or board control to make the learning process quick, making wingfoiling one of the fastest growing watersports ever.

The GWA is representing the interests of the wingfoil industry globally and the main goals of the are:

β€’ bringing together all wingfoil brands in a trustful community;
β€’ creation of national, continental and international interest group with the aim to bring more people into wingsports;
β€’ collection of Wingfoil industries data in order to obtain accurate information about the development of the wingfoil markets;
β€’ develop and maintain access to beaches and adjacent areas of water in order to pursue wingsports activities;
β€’ promotion and development of professional wingsports;
β€’ support and/or evolving of wingsports-school-infrastructure development as well as wingsports-instructorship;
β€’ develop general safety standards of wingsports, especially for wingsports on water;
β€’ supporting young people to enter the wingsport with the aim to secure wingsports as important and established sport in future;
β€’ supporting the multi-distribution channels for selling products.

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