Oka National Park (Parc national d’Oka) is a small provincially administered park, located on the north-west side of Montreal on the north shore of Lac des Deux Montagnes in Quebec, Canada.

Primary a nature interpretation center, the park has year-round activities such as cross-country skiing, winging, and snowkiting in the winter, and e-foil, wing foil, SUP, windsurfing, and other wind water sports. The atmosphere is friendly and family oriented and it is a fun foiling destination.

VoilOka sailing school is located in the park and a must-have for foiling, SUP, kitesurfing and windsurfing in Quebec. The company has shared its passion for winter and water sports since 2004. Water sports enthusiasts, experienced and certified instructors and , they will give you your best foiling experience on the water.

The best wind direction is west, but anything from a south-west to a north-west wind is sailable. The beach shore has a large shallow water area, so Oka is the best spot for beginners in the Montreal region. It has lately become a favourite among Kite surfers.
Water floods in the spring can force the authorities to close access to “La CrΓͺte”, so it is best to check with the park (450-479-8365) before heading to Oka.

Also, there is a large rock that emerge well above water level most of the time but may be hidden early in spring and late fall when the water level is high, so be careful and ask a local if in doubt. A weed fin may be useful in the summer.

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Foe more information on Oka National Park for camping and other services visit https://www.sepaq.com/pq/oka/information.dot?language_id=1