Patrik Diethelm is one of the most complete watersports designer on the planet.
Together with 3d-Designer Fabio Canella and a core team of highly qualified windsurfing and winging enthusiasts he is developing high level windsurfing boards and sails, fins, foils, wings and foilboards.

Their line of hydrofoiling products includes wind foiling, winging, SUP foiling and surf foiling equipment. Moreover, they produce IQ foil class equipment, that is, official Olympic windsurfing class equipment with the Patrik IQ Foil board, Patrik IQ sail and IQ carbon foil set.

When you buy a Patrik foiling products, you are not buying a marketing hype, you are buying a real piece of knowledge and experience. One of their main priorities is to prove the quality of products in order to build a trusting relationship with every foiling athletes. No secrets. No bullshit. Nothing but the real thing.

Shaping and designing with more than 25 years of technical expertise, PATRIK is far more than just another name in windsurfing and wingfoiling. From the very beginnings as passionate windsurfers themselves to high-profile brand employees, designers and title-winning windsurfing professionals, Patrik Diethelm’s and Karin Jaggi’s decision to found their own brand PATRIK in 2010 was simply a progression that came very naturally. Today many of windsurfing’s finest products carry PATRIK’s name on it and the brand is continuing its path of becoming one of the leading brands in the sport.

Only few designers have been able to create products that attract both the professional athlete and the recreational surfer. Offering boards, sails, fins, foils and wings for each and every discipline, PATRIK is able to cover the needs of the entire sport. Allround but never average. Join Patrik International ride!

Patrik is the only hydrofoiling water sports brand where all of the foil product models are 100% inspired, designed, shaped and tested by the same person. Patrik Diethelm’s passion for the sport drives his endless quest for constant improvement. Pure performance is the outcome of his hard work and dedication.

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