The Squamish Spit in British Columbia is a world-class location for wind sports. With constant, steady thermal winds throughout the summer months, windsurfers. kiteboarders, and foiling water sports entusiasts from around the world venture to this beautiful location.

The Spit is staffed by the Squamish Windsports Society from May 15 to September 15, providing various services like retrieval if a person has a mishap on the water.

The Squamish Windsports Society was created to secure access to the southern tip of the Squamish River training dyke for recreational windsurfers. Today the Squamish Windports Society hosts wind and hydrofoiling water sports, national festivals and events, spectators and other festivities. The society also hosts the annual Canadian Kiteboarding Freestyle Championships, known as Kite Clash (currently on hold/postponed until further notice).

Squamish is not only renowned for its hiking, climbing, and kayaking opportunities but also offers excellent conditions for foiling windsports enthusiasts.

Squamish winds are formed by unique local geographic features that combine with the summer sun to create anabatic, or thermal, wind, which blows daily from the ocean, through Howe Sound, and up the inland valleys

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