In this foiling lesson video, we study the skills to manipulate the wing’s power and direction, a few basic sailing terms, and some trouble shooting problems newcomers have flying the wing when first wingfoiling.

Alan has been professional water sports instructor since 1984. Teaching winging, creating and publishing instructional hydrofoiling water sports videos.

Recently, the world has discovered wing foiling and the art of riding a hydrofoil board while harnessing the wind’s power via a handheld wing.

The sport consists of flying a lightweight handheld wing, unattached to the board while standing on a SUP-style board using the wind power you across the water. The best part? Winging is for everyone and the learning curve is quick. Regardless of your experience with water sports, winging can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a way to be on the water and experience the magic of wind power.

Wing foiling expands on winging by introducing a short surf-style board that is lifted into the air by a hydrofoil mounted to the bottom. Once up and flying on the hydrofoil the sport gives an ultra-smooth, frictionless riding sensation that is nearly silent.

Instructional and entertaining videos about WingFoling. Alan Cadiz, a veteran water sports instructor, guides you though the learning process with a straight forward approach to the sport of Wing Foiling.

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