Check out the future of e-foiling water sports with the Audi e-tron foil Competition! 🌊
The latest addition to e-foil range, featuring the high-performance Competition model. This isn’t just riding waves; it’s an electrifying foiling competition with the elements.

Aerofoils GmbH develops the future of mobility on water with their high-tech electric flying e-foil surfboards in cooperation with AUDI AG. They developed a unique propulsion system, fully integrated in the fuselage that sets a benchmark for electric hydrofoiling design alongside experts from Audi. The result is the most advanced and safest e-foil on the market.

The Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils is a revolutionary new way to surf and fly over the water. Powered by a fully integrated propulsion system, the e-tron foil is fast, quiet, and emission free. With its sleek design and innovative features, the e-tron foil is the ultimate in water sports performance.

Fast, quiet, emission free electric hydrofoiling.

In this video, they showcase the cutting-edge electric hydrofoiling technology and sleek design that make the Audi e-tron Foil Competition stand out. A thrilling e-foil ride that pushes the limits of foiling speed, agility, and style on the water.

Streamlined To Perfection.

Underwater, size matters when you fly. That’s why we built the smallest diameter motor to minimise drag and maximize both efficiency and responsiveness. This means longer battery life, sharper turns, higher speeds and even more fun.

Choose your Level. Find your Style.

Smart functions will help you to trim your style and control your speed. Choose your level to adapt the settings to your personal skills and check all data on the sharpest and highest resolution color display on the market.

Direct Driven. Less Maintenance.

Consistently developed without a gearbox. Our direct e-drive system is particularly robust with low-maintenance. Impeller and nozzle can be changed by the rider himself.

Extend Your Ride. Data Driven.

Focused on safety and performance while developing the battery. Their high performance cells ensure long range while having low weight. As the heart of the e-foil, the self-monitoring battery is not just passively integrated into the system but cleverly connected to it. They use the data to tune the system perfectly and detect problems before they happen. With its additional radio module you will never loose connection.

Shaping the Future. Every Detail Matters.

An e-foil is like an airplane carrying a human. A symbiosis of aerodynamics, lightweight construction, electronics and connectivity. Every detail matters for customer experience. With the Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils we have set ourselves the goal of building the best premium e-foil on the market.

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