Former French windsurfing champion, Erwan Jauffroy, has an ambitious downwind SUP foiling project. The aim is to surf from Toulon to Calvi on a foil-equipped paddle board, without a sail, without a motor, riding foil board on the long Mediterranean swell.

To achieve this foiling world first, Erwan will have to travel 245 km at sea by surfing the waves of the Mistral wind for about 15 hours. This SUP Downwind crossing from France’s mainland to Corsica, will be Erwan Jauffroy biggest hydrofoiling challenge to date.

Erwan had been contemplating this crossing for several months now. Born in Brittany and now living in Toulon, he is hooked on SUP downwind foil but above all to the feeling of freedom and self-transcendence that this discipline brings. Nevertheless, the crossing remained only a vague and distant dream; it seemed unthinkable for someone like him, who had never gone beyond 50 km.

Then, last summer, F-ONE’s Brand Manager Julien Salles successfully completed his “Diagonale du Lion” of over 200 km. At the same time, Olivia Piana achieved a 287 km downwind along the Portuguese coast.

The downwind SUP foiling project was officially launched in September 2023. He decided that he would attempt to connect the mainland to Corsica the following summer. He minutely organized himself and planned a one-month window, in June, when the days are longest.

As his training progressed, he quickly realized that gear was a key factor in his performance. It’s essential to have a state-of-the-art foilboard and foil underfoot. It wasn’t long before he approached F-ONE, with whom he often collaborates for his YouTube channel, and the partnership naturally took shape.

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Erwan Jauffroy shares the passion for Windsurfing, Wingfoil, Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle and water sports! Over the past 20 years, he continues to share his foiling passion and its expertise through advice videos to progress, choose the right gear, find the right spots but also places to understand the evolution of the sport or its challenges.

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