Artemis Technologies is an applied technologies spin off from the successful Artemis Racing America’s Cup team. It is named after Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess. It is clean maritime technology company developing commercial vessels which produce zero emissions in operation. Their mission is to decarbonise high-speed maritime transport.

Belfast based foiling company, a pioneering force in cutting-edge, clean maritime innovation, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough: the eFoilerยฎ Patrol range foiling workboats.

Artemis Technologies develop 100% electric foiling vessels powered by the patented Artemis eFoilerยฎ system. This green technology offers maritime operators commercially viable, emission-free solutions with applications within the workboat, smart mobility, offshore wind, defence and leisure sectors.

The all-electric Artemis EF-12 Patrol stands as a beacon of sustainable maritime technology. With an impressive top speed of 30kts and a foiling range of 55nm, the EF-12 Patrol is equipped to revolutionise coastal security. An optional diesel hybrid range extender can extend its foiling range to an exceptional 236nm, ensuring prolonged operational capability without compromise.

For those seeking enhanced capabilities, the Artemis EF-20H Patrol has a top speed of 40kts and foiling range of 644nm. Equipped with retractable foils and a diesel hybrid range extender as standard, its seamless transition between diesel and electric modes empowers silent and emissions-free patrolling in ecologically sensitive areas or where tactical situation dictates.

Artemis eFoilerยฎ Patrol vessels improve energy efficiency, presenting a way for governments to achieve their decarbonisation objectives and to transition to low-emission vessels. Using advanced technologies, these vessels lower greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the reduction of the maritime industryโ€™s environmental footprint, aligning with international efforts to combat climate change.

A true testament to innovation and sustainability, the Artemis EF-20H Patrol is hybrid electric โ€“ powered by our revolutionary Artemis eFoilerยฎ electric propulsion system.

With ultra-fast charging capability, a full charge can be achieved in less than 60 minutes, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted journeys. The ease of charging further solidifies the Artemis Technologies’ commitment to efficiency and low environmental impact.

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