Matt Elsasser on how to downwind SUP foil – an increasingly popular segment of hydrofoiling water sports. Are you ready to give it a go? We hope to see you on the water. Check this excellent foiling video lesson on how to get up and start SUP foiling. It was filmed at Hatchery on Columbia River in Oregon, one of the best wind water sports spots in the US.

For downwind foiling, he uses 7-0 by 20 inches 105 liter Lift foil board, a 150 Hax front Wing a 20 carved tail with the extender and a 32 inch mast. This is kind of his go-to everyday setup used in most conditions.

These downwind SUP boards are pretty long and narrow. The narrowness might freak you out at first but the foil does provide a lot of stability underneath for you. Matt starts the session with tips on how to get up on the foil board and start paddling while showcasing technique for SUP foiling stability.

Keeping the blade of the paddle in the water is essential as he leans on his toes so he is not falling over off on his back while getting out here into the wind and wave line as he gets out from protected cove.

The most important thing to learn how to start foiling initially is how to go straigth, cause in SUP Foil it’s way easier for the board not to track well, so you gotta compensate with some J-stroke technique.

When it comes to selecting a SUP foil downwind setup, the key to success is finding the right balance between speed and stability

SUP downwinding uses special SUP boards, the ocean swells and wind to help propel you along. It requires skill and strategy to judge the best peaks and troughs (runners) so you remain on course, expending hte least effort possible. Logistics is also a major consideration when participating in SUP downwind sessions.

Downwind foil boards enable riders to get out on the water in light winds and smaller waves, perfect for sup foiling, wing foiling, or pump/downwind foiling.

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