Specifically designed for foil surfing, the ROCKET SURF is the most compact board of the range. Its design will guarantee that you can paddle, take-off, ride, pump and carve with maximum control as you catch waves with ease. The stiff and light construction render both the board and foil extremely responsive so you can draw your line as you want it.

With its outstanding and easy take-off abilities, F-One surf foilboards will satisfy all riders and make downwind further accessible to those who always wanted to try. It is also incredible with a wing in lighter winds, and it can surf really well, even in very small waves. Take off far outside on non-breaking waves and make the most of the board’s maneuverability and direct feeling to surf until the shore break.

There are three different versions of the surf foiling boards, namely

The ROCKET SURF is very balanced and maneuverable in all phases of foil surfing, helping you catch any waves. This board is responsive, stable, easy to take off with, and brings incredible control throughout the entire ride.

The ROCKET SURF is now slightly narrower and longer, while retaining its timeless shape to bring out the purest surf sensations. This board is playful and easily maneuverable thanks to this compact shape.

The well-proportioned outline allows an even volume distribution, which in turn brings stability both in the water and in the air. We have placed maximum volume under the rider’s chest to encourage an easy paddling and take-off. The rocker has also been adjusted to improve the front/back balance and pumping abilities.

F-One 2024 Surf Foil Collection - Surf Foiling and Downwind SUP hydrofoiling gear

The ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND was designed to minimize drag and to promote early and efficient take-offs in any conditions, whether it’s flat waters or big open ocean bumps.

The ROCKET SUP DOWNWIND’s volume distribution and overall design are ideal for SUP foiling. The board features a compact shape with moderate beam and some straight bottom lines to help the rider get up to speed for take-off. The domed nose with the high-rail design further helps getting some momentum for easy starts when in the bumps. The beveled rails reduce the drag and help steady the board during occasional touchdowns. Coupled with the wide outline at both ends, these characteristics all ensure overall stability throughout.


The ROCKET AIR range is a line of inflatable boards essentially dedicated to foiling sports: Surf foil, SUP foil, wing foil, windfoil and even kitefoil.

Starting at 4’10 (75L) and going all the way to 7’11 (185L), the line includes trustworthy boards for all sports and all types of riders. They are developed following the outlines and sizes as the rigid boards and offer great stability with the extra volume brought by the inflatable technology. The foil position is also identical and provides the same perfect balance in flight and for take-off.

The ROCKET AIR boards are nearly indestructible and will grant you some extra padding if you fall. They are built using higher grade Dropstitch, bringing extra stiffness that is essential to control the board properly when foiling. The weight of the board is incredibly light, making them easy to handle and a lot of fun, even for advanced riders. Finally, the ROCKET AIR boards can all be stored in a small bag to be easily brought on your next adventure.

For more information on 2024 Surf Foil Collection by F-One check their surf foiling products at https://www.f-one.world/surf-foil/boards/