The Stoke Foil Boost is a compact motor, battery and electronics system that enhances any existing foil setup. Stoke Foil Boost transforms existing foiling boards for all riders and is taking the hydrofoiling water sports to the next level. It is designed to electrify foiling for Wing Foiling, SUP Foiling, Prone Foiling, Downwind SUP, foiling dinghies, and more.

It assists you with getting up on foil fast. It easily attaches to your foil mast just below the board, does not change the dynamics of your ride and is designed to have minimum water resistance – so that it will give you a boost when you are on the water but no drag when the foil is flying.

This kit contains the complete Stoke Foil Boost package including main drive unit, remote control, main battery, receiver and a fast charger. Supplied in the EVA travel case with cable guides, mast cable bands, silicone grease, hex tool and even a bottle opener for use after those epic sessions on the water.

For more information on the Stoke Foil Boost kit visit Stoke Foiling website at