Be it through demo days, training camps or competitions, WeCANFoil is your opportunity to try foiling, take flight, and get on the pathway to pro. The WeCANFoil programme’s mandate is to get Canadians foiling!

Twenty-three coaches from across Canada (BC, ON, QC, NS and PEI) came together at the Pointe-Claire Yacht Club, a joint partnership between WeCANFoil, Sail Canada and Voile QuΓ©bec.

This clinic was a pilot to develop Sail Canada’s Foiling Instructor and Student levels, and the outcome for certified CANSail instructors who also attend this clinic will be the ability to teach programs on foiling equipment. Some key focuses of the clinic are safely using coach boats around foiling equipment, foiling safely, equipment management, teaching students on foiling equipment, and developing foiling programs.

The clinic is part of Sail Canada’s Foiling Instructor and Participant program, which is currently under development. Successful participants in the clinic will be granted the Sail Canada Foiling Module, which, in conjunction with their Sail Canada CANSail Instructor Certification, and Sail Canada Instructor/Coach Registration, will allow them to deliver the Sail Canada Foiling Student curriculum.

During this clinic, participants were asked to provide feedback and input as the Foiling Program Development is finalized. and no foiling experience was required for attendance at this clinic.

Instructors who are interested in further skill development are invited to a Sail Canada foiling sailing skills development clinic and pilot. More information about the skills weekend can be found at