Pioneering eco-freight on waterways, Fly-Box aims to revolutionize maritime freight transport with sustainable and efficient solutions. While they do not intend to replace the massive cargo ships crossing the oceans, our attention is focused on the last leg of the transport, which is currently dominated by diesel-powered trucks.

8 years after SeaBubbles, Alain ThΓ©bault the French inventor and navigator, unveils hyfrofoiling ship to fly the containers. An innovative company based in France and Switzerland, Fly-Box specializes in the environmentally friendly transportation of goods from kilograms to tons by water.

Fly-Box - Maritime Freight Transport Solutions

Their goal is to connect primary port hubs, such as San Francisco and Rotterdam, with smaller secondary ports along coastal regions. Their solutions are suitable for waterway transportation, including the Arles to Marseille and Lyon routes.

We also provide solutions for moving goods between cities on lakes, or moving products between different locations within a city that are on the sea or crossed by a river/stream.

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