Watch this video before trying to learn how to wake foil. This will hopefully save you some time, frustration, and hopefully put some of your fears to rest.

Shaun Murray, 4 time wakeboard champion thought it was scary at first but after teaching a lot of people to get up for the first time on a foil, there are some key steps to help riders have success on day one!

Foiling is a different start compared to anything we’ve done behind the boat and is why so many people find it difficult at first. Remember, you are RIDING A WING NOT A BOARD! I know there are many different ways to learn how to do this but this is the way I have found the most success for most riders that are learning to get up for the first time.

When you feel the difference of using these tips, it not only saves energy for you, but it helps you teach other riders who want to learn to get up for the first time. We’ve all heard less is more and in this edit you’ll see how true this phrase is.

Enjoy your ride! ✌️