Freefoiling has arrived. The Beta Freefoil is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. It is built by hand using ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, titanium inserts, and stainless steel hardware. It is designed by Todd Reichert, a Canadian visionary who spent 15 years designing and flying human-powered aircraft.

Dedicated to promoting the sport of foiling & sharing the best products in each category, Wake Thief You Tube Pump Foiling Channel claims that “Of the 250 hydrofoils I’ve flown, this is the easiest to pump and easiest to launch. This will create a new sport.”

This is no doubt an interesting hydrofoiling design with two masts supporting a large wing span that allows for continous ride with minimal effort. Check this video below for an excellent overview to yet another branch of foiling being developed, that is, freefoiling.

What sets the beta free foil apart is its patent-pending design and dual mast architecture. It’s optimized for pumping, eliminating the need to make a choice between each component. The foil is incredibly easy to assemble, with just three components connected by four screws. Moreover, its remarkable rigidity makes it easier to control and maneuver. And the best part? It’s the most effortless foil to launch, opening up countless new locations and methods for takeoff. Unlike other foils we’ve reviewed, the Beta Foil free foil is designed specifically for pumping, enabling a smooth and fluid motion with minimal exertion.

With every subsequent prototype, Beta Foil continued to enhance the foil, combining numerous incremental gains into a significant leap forward. Last week, I achieved an astonishing 24-minute flight, covering almost five kilometersβ€”the entire length of my beloved lake. What surprised me even more was how good I felt at the ten-minute mark. For the first time, pumping the foil felt effortless, an incredible sensation that filled me with excitement and anticipation.

Check manufacturers website for more details an specifications