Wing Foiling Tips ♆ Get up on Foilboard Fast

Awesome instructional and entertaining video about wing foiling techniques to get on the small wing foilboard. Β Alan Cadiz, a veteran water sports instructor, guides you though the learning process with a straight forward approach to the sport of wing foiling.

This instructional foiling video shows a few different methods to get on the foilboard and on your feet foiling quickly. Whether you\’re in the waves or on flat water they\’re good techniques to know when trying to get on the foil without using too much energy.

The first one is by using the board and the sail to bring the two together and pull yourself up as if getting out of a swimming pool or similar to doing a push-up or muscle up when you place your hand on top of the wing. It gives you more leverage to push yourself up onto the board but you don\’t have the control that you\’d have with the handle.

So in windy conditions you might want to use the handle on the front of the wing there are advantages to using a harness but one disadvantage is climbing on the board so this method of getting on the board not only gets you on the board faster but addresses the harness hook problem.

There\’s another technique he started using while using a camera on the front of the wing. He was trying to keep the camera dry so holding the boom and the wing above his head, he learned that he could manipulate the boom and the wing to get enough lift to actually pull him up onto the board.

Now, this technique does favour a wing with a boom because you can move your hand around to infinite locations it will work with a wing with handles you just have to move your hand around until you find the balance point too far forward and you don\’t get enough lift.

This technique is not for everybody it does require some flexibility and some leg strength there\’s a few subtle techniques one is sliding to the windward side of the board to get the board to lean to windward. it just makes it easier to get foot under the other is leaning back as if you bring your foot up on the foilboard.

Now aside from these techniques, one prerequisite is that the board is lined up across the wind and video shows a few exercises you can practice on the beach that will make it easier in the water. You want to do this in light to moderate wind but the goal is to move your hand along the boom or handles until you find the balance point and what i mean by balance point is there\’s a steady pull in the wing it\’s not sheeted out and you\’re not over sheeted.

You can do this by sitting on the beach sheeting in and standing up as well as sitting down for a soft landing in stronger wind you should be able to do this with one leg as you do this exercise whether kneeling or sitting try to keep the wing directly over your head to maximize the vertical lift.

Now there are times when the wind is light and it\’s not enough to pull one on the feet so resort to going back to a kneeling start, but hanging onto the wing with one hand frees up my other hand to give you support to get to a kneeling position. We hope you\’re able to incorporate some if not all of these techniques into your wing riding sessions.