Glide Free Foils from Sydney, Australia develops foiling kits to allow existing sailing dinghies to hydrofoil.

Originally developed for the International Laser sailboat, Glide Free Foils has since adapted this retrofittable foiling system to lightweight high-performance dinghies and catamarans.

Manufacturing, assembly and dispatch is carried out in Warriewood, NSW from Australian designed and manufactured components including the foils for Laser, RS Aero, Melges 14, Open Bic, Devoti DZero and Nacra 18 catamaran.

The Glide Free foiling kits are easy way to learn how to dinghy foil with adjustable settings to suit wind conditions and no rudder controls required.

Versatile foiling for everyone yet no need to invest in an expensive new boat. Glide Free Foils retrofit your existing dinghy, just clip on and go foiling!

Features include:

  • fully integrated sensor wand, no special attachments, cables or modifications to your existing boat
  • retractable foils – launch & retrieve in knee deep water
  • lifts out and glides free of the water in less than 10 knots of wind
  • robust one-design construction, suited to all ages, weights and skill levels

Open Bic on Foils

The O’pen Bic dinghy is suitable for younger skippers and is now possible to foil. It takes off in 10-12kts of wind and can be sailed in both displacement and foiling modes.

Melges 14 on Foils

The Melges 14 dinghy is a versatile sailboat suitable for 1 or 2 people. It is ideally suited for foiling due to its wide beam providing excellent righting moment required for upwind foiling and is now possible to foil in just 6-7 knots of wind. It can be sailed in both displacement and foiling modes.

Laser on Foils

Experience the tingle of foiling your Laser dinghy at up to 23kts with Glide Free Foils. Simply clip on our foiling kit and fly! The hydrofoiling kit has been specifically designed for Laser dinghies.

Aero on Foils

The RS Aero is a modern lightweight dinghy with a carbon rig. At half the weight of a Laser, it is ideal for foiling. Light and easy to handle, the Aero takes off in just 7-8 knots of wind and can be sailed in both displacement and foiling modes.

​Ideal for beginners and foil training as it is easy to balance, rig and launch.

Glide Free foils transform this boat, offering incredible foiling performance and thrills. It even sails upwind and offers affordable foiling!

For more information visit Glide Free Foils website.