Flikkaboards is one of the leading custom board builders in the world. A team of 15 people shapes, creates and ships almost 1000 boards per year worldwide with team riders that compete in PWA and IWT, and many more who enjoy windsurfing and foiling on all levels.

Flikka dedicated foil boards feature high lift bottom, wide tails, and sharp rails will enable you to get going and reach takeoff speed effortlessly. Thin profile of the boards is making the flight more stable and with the wide tail, you can easily control the foil and go upwind.

They offer two main dedicated foil shapes for windfoiling boards:


Foil freeride was developed for relaxed foiling with small to medium sails. Narrower tail compared to the race shape to make entering the straps easily. Available in all desired sizes.


foil Race was developed for super early takeoffs with racing sails. The wide tail gives you enough leverage to push on the foil and go as fast as possible. Cutouts in the tail for less drag during takeoff and touchdown.

They also produce hybrid boards where you get a regular freestyle, freewave or freeride board fitted with deep tuttle box. Visit Flikka Boards to find more.


Freestyle foil is a foiling solution that would allow freestyle boards to be used with foil wings when the wind drops.

With so many broken boards where foil winds were fitted with power box, Flikka\’s proven freestyle shape, fitted it with deep tuttle mount and reinforced it where necessary. They also developed a G10 freestyle fin that can be used for such board. Total weight gain is only 300g which still makes a freestyle board light but it gives it another dimension and time on the water when the wind drops.

For more info on their foiling gear visit Flikkaboards foil boards page.

Their wing foil boards offer super early take off due to the special 4 concave bottom which offers great lift and smooth touchdowns.

The deck is deeply mono-concaved for good grip also when winging strapless, with carefully positioned strap inserts to make sure you have a balanced ride.

Available in all possible dimension combinations, graphics and constructions, there are no limits for you to choosing your dream custom board.

To make your flights and jumps safe and strong, we took special care about the construction – Divinycell PVC layers, different carbon fibres and S-glass combined with fused cell light EPS core and extra strong PVC reinforced foil boxes – many features that we use on our famously strong windsurfing boards are used also on our wing foil range. No need to mention that all boards are produced in Europe by our experienced Flikka crew in our own Flikka factory.

Flikkaboards offers 2 basic shapes for wing boards:


Early take-off wingfoil board, stable flight, simple to ride. Standard sizes are 75L-115L, but you can choose any custom size.


Designed for wave foil riding, manoeuvre oriented shapes. Shorter with narrower tail and nose surface to allow tighter turning. Standard sizes are 45L-85L, but you can choose any custom size.

More info about wing foilboard shapes and sizes can be found here.