World class dinghy foiling has never been more exciting. As a development class, the International Moth has been a cradle of dinghy foiling innovation, and WASZP is the perfect platform to enjoy one-design racing as well as a fun, friendly lifestyle, where anything is possible.

The Waszp is a singlehanded, one-design foiling dinghy. Designed by Andrew McDougall, the Waszp foiler offers affordable sailing on a robust boat. The class has a large contingent of sailors who race the boat at a high level while other sailors keep the boat at their local yacht club and go for a foil around the cove.

The boat is awesome with sailors of all ages, genders and abilities sharing their wisdom and living the WASZP foiling experience. No matter who you are, where you are or how skilled a sailor you are, there is no reason no to try hydrofoiling dinghy sailing.

Company has the \”Pathway\” from junior, to youth, to senior sailing. By creating an all in one product that takes a 30kg junior sailor through to a 90kg adult sailor with one platform, Waszp uses three different wing sail sizes.

The WASZP is an established class in over 40 countries with over 1,200 sailors joining the foil swarm. It is a perfect platform for male and female sailors to compete on a level playing field and the performance of the boat is exceptional and comparable to boats that cost 30% more.

This foiling dinghy is affordable, modern, durable, easy to learn and race class that brings a new definition of fun, from beginner foilers to advanced racers.

Junior Sailor Foiling on Waszp Foiler

Product highlights

  • Affordability – The most affordable foiling dinghy at $USD11,900
  • Accessibility – Simple ordering system and agent support in over 30 countries
  • Durability – Boat has been engineered to take the strain of learning right through to world class racing.
  • Learning platform – Forgiving learning platform, most sailors with a moderate amount of dinghy experience will foil in their first session.
  • Closest foiling racing in the world – The one-design nature provides the closest and most exciting foiling racing in the world!