As humans, we’re drawn to foiling because it gives us back a direct connection to nature, to freedom. Foiling opens up a whole new world. It’s a sport and a technology that sets us free.

It\’s time to reconnect. With the natural world, and with each other. North 2022 Foilboards are engineered for early take-offs. Easy transitions.

The North Foils rally cry β€œRun, Fly Be”, inspired by philosopher Bruce Lee, reminds us that we can be as powerful, as ever-changing, as unstoppable, as wild, and free as water itself.

Foiling pushes the frontier of new technologies that will transform the places we can go, virtual and real. The new MA-Series Front Wings are fast, agile and across every discipline. Welcome to the future.

β€œRun, Fly, Be” inspires us to create a lifestyle based on your own rules, not that of anyone else. Are you ready to escape? Effortless Control. Intuitive Handling.

This is North Foils.