SailGP is an international sailing competition using high performance F50 foiling catamarans, where teams compete across a season of multiple grands prix around the world.

The competition was founded by Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle and champion yachtsman Russell Coutts.Their aim was to establish a commercially viable global race series with a large audience. This had been unsuccessfully attempted in the past with series such as the Extreme Sailing Series. The SailGP format uses fast foiling catamarans in a variety of spectacular locations.

Each SailGP event consists of two days of competitive racing. The first day of racing consists of three fleet races, while the second day consists of two fleet races and a match race final.

The final race of the season is a match race between the two highest scoring crews over the season, with the winner earning a US$1 million prize. The circuit has been funded for 5 years to allow the competition to become self sustaining. This would see it run until at least 2023.

Canada SailGP Team is an independent team which joined the league at the start of Season 3. Canada SailGP Team and its partners are committed to increasing sailing’s popularity in Canada and establishing a pathway for extraordinary athletes in the sport. The Canadian team is an entrepreneurial start up that is all about passion, purpose and risk-taking.

CanadaSailGP team was started by a lifelong sailor and tech entrepreneur Fred Pye, who purchased the Canadian SailGP Team franchise. Pye is known as being a disruptor in business, and this philosophy has been overlaid onto the CanadaSailGP Team.

CanadaSail GP Team Β sailors include:

  • Phil Robertson ♆ Driver
  • Isabella Bertold ♆ Strategist
  • Jareese Finch ♆ Grinder
  • Billy Gooderham ♆ Flight Controller
  • Tim Hornsby ♆ Grinder
  • Georgia Lewin-LaFrance ♆ Strategist
  • Antonia Lewin-LaFrance ♆ Strategist
  • Tom Ramshaw ♆ Tactician/Grinder
  • Graeme Sutherland ♆ Wing Trimmer
Algorand Canada SailGP F50 Foiling Catamaran Team Members Β© SailGP

Canada SailGP Team has unveiled a significant three-year partnership with the Algorand Foundation. The agreement marks the first major partnership announcement for the Canadian team and sponsorship of a professional sailing team by a blockchain platform.

Canada SailGP Team and the Algorand Foundation share a vision for a sustainable future that is built on cutting-edge innovation and high-performance technology, making the partnership a natural fit. Both are committed to inspiring a brighter and cleaner future for our planet through sport.

Algorand Canada SailGP F50 Foiling Catamaran SailingΒ© SailGP

Canada SailGP Team is all about inspiring the next generation of sailors in Canada, facilitating opportunities for youth to get involved in the sport and creating a pathway for exceptional athletes. The team is building a foiling development programme (We CAN Foil) which will give young sailors from coast to coast the chance to learn to fly. Canada SailGP Team, as part of SailGP, is committed to racing for a better future which includes combating climate change and accelerating the transition to clean energy.