IQFoil ♆ 2024 Olympics Windfoiling Gear

The iQFOiL program brings Olympic Windsurfing to new heights with the incredible technological advancements of foiling.

Fin or foil, from 5 knots to 35 knots, the iQFoil package delivers the ultimate in windsurfing racing performance with just one board, one foil, one fin, one sail.

iQFoil is a windsurfing class selected by World Sailing to replace the RS:X for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The discipline has similarities to Formula Windsurfing, however a notable difference is that sailors only use one sail. The sail size is 9mΒ² for the men and 8mΒ² for the women. The rider has a choice between using a hydrofoil or a conventional 68 cm fin.

In just its second year as an official class, senior and youth participation in iQFOiL is soaring. The class started fast in 2022 and in the first two months of the year, the class has already held the iQFOiL Games, Winter Series, Andalusian Sailing Week, the US Open Series in Miami and Clearwater as well as several national events in the Southern Hemisphere.

Iqfoil wind foiling windsurfing boards include


High-performance foil racing board that is capable of upwind/downwind racing on a fin if the conditions get really tough. 95cm wide for convenient air travel, designed to take off smoothly from 6 knots, powerful in light winds, controllable in strong winds, convertible to fin mode and built in durable and lightweight Carbon Reflex technology.

The iQFoil 95 is matched to a Drake iQFoil 68cm for the Men’s category or with a Drake iQFoil 66cm for Women’s category.


The Junior and Youth model with its shape based on the iQFoil 95 with reduced proportions to adapt to lighter riders. Additional footstrap positions and reduced rail cutaway sizes improves performance in fin mode. The iQFoil 85 is built in Starboard’s new Starlite Carbon technology for the highest performance at a lower price point.

The iQFoil 85 (Youth and Junior categories) is matched to a Drake Race 56cm fin.

QFoil 85iQFoil 95
ConstructionsStarlite CarbonCarbon Reflex Sandwich
Volume153 liters196 liters
Length215 cm220 cm
Width85 cm95 cm
Tail Width73.7 cm85.6 cm
Thickness15.3 cm16 cm
Footstrap Rows     1 + downwind back position     1 + downwind back position
Fins (included in bundles only)       Drake Race 56 cmDrake iQFoil 66-68 cm
Fin BoxesFoil BoxFoil Box
Recommend fin56 cm68 cm
Recommend foilFoil Aluminium iQFoilFoil Carbon iQFoil
Fin Range52 – 60 cm62 – 70 cm
Sail Range5.0 – 9.0 m28.0 – 10.0 m2
Weight11.62Kgs +/-460g11.25kg +/-150g

IQFoil 85 Junior Windfoiling Package – Β© Starboard


Back to back 2017/2018 World Champion and Vice World Champion, making it the most successful racing foil in windsurfing to date: Starboard’s Race foil started the iQFoil project and it is the foil that made foiling in the Olympics a possibility. Its innovative racing geometry was the breakthrough that enabled foiling to cover Windsurfing Olympics’ wind range and performance requirements. Compared to the original Race foil, the iQFoil foil set has been upgraded with a stiffer UHM Carbon mast and a 900 front wing for extra light-wind performance. It comes with two new Plus fuselages, the 115cm Plus for upwind downwind racing and the 95cm Plus for higher winds and racing formats with more reaching. The Plus fuselages have an adjustable tail wing angle that allows the rider to increase control in high winds or increase power in light winds.

Windsurf Sea-trails 2019 , Lago di Garda, Italy. Jesus Renedo/Sailing Energy/World Sailing 29 September, 2019.


The Severne HGO is a first of its kind. A foil racing sail built especially for the official iQFOiL class and will be the official sail for the 2024 Paris Olympic games. HGO is based on Severne’s already successful foil racing platform with multiple titles under its belt.
In 2019 World Sailing called for Sea Trials to select the equipment for the next Olympic Games in Paris’24. When this opportunity presented itself, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel(PWA Foil world champion) took the lead of the project together with Ben Severne in creating the ultimate foil racing sail. Countless hours of R&D and brainstorming resulted in a sail that not only will you faster on the racecourse but also deliver top speeds.
The HGO focuses on speed and ease of handle with a reduced luff curve and re-distribution of shaping. The control gained from these design features allows for any foil racing newcomer to get to competition level speeds in no time.