The latest developments in foil related technologies left no water sport untouched. Wakefoiling pushes the limits of riding behind the boat, jet ski or just about any boat for that matter. This new wake foil board system utilizes traditional wakesurf board via a mast for a riding experience unlike anything else.

The float or the the buoyancy that generates in the lift that it generates it actually comes from a wing and a foil system that sits. Below the surface of the water and creates lift and glide.

The speed at which wake foils can lift is higher, around 8-12 MPH. Surf foils work at speeds around 4-6 MPH. Surf foils can achieve lift at speeds as low as 4 MPH, which is less intimidating for beginners.

Traditional Wakeboarding vs Wakefoiling – Image Β© Liquid Force Wakeboards

There are several factors to consider when choosing a wake foil setup, that is, wake foiling type and size of the board, masts, and wings. Wake foils differ from surf foils in that they are designed to be ridden at faster speeds, but if you’re a beginner, a surf foil will probably suit just fine. For those starting wake foiling, the bigger and heavier the board, the more stability and the shorter the mast, the easier to control.

You can wave foil just about anywhere a wave or lift can occur in the water, whether that\’s directly behind the boat or several waves behind the boat that makes them. Literally any watercraft or vessel can be enough to get you wakefoiling. Though there is a bit of a learning curve, wakefoiling does not require much speed once mastered. Experienced riders can even keep riding well after they have left the wake by pumping the wake foil board up and down with knees.

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While foiling certainly adds a new layer of complexity to wake riding, learning isn\’t all that difficult if you have decent board skills and start with a short mast. In fact, a wake foil is a great alternative for water skiing or wakeboarding because they don\’t require boats with big wakes like a wakeboard or wakesurf board.

So even if you did or did not already try water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake surfingm and are ready to try something new then wake hydrofoiling might be your next water sport.

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