The sup foil is a discipline that allows you to sail above the water using a SUP board and a hydrofoil. Next to wing foiling, SUP foiling might be the best way to start foiling. Stand up paddling and boarding in waves will no doubt help, but you don’t need to be pro level by any means. So where to start as a SUP foiling beginner?

SUP foiling is relatively new sport but there are already loads of options for boards. Whether you want to do foiling downwinders, catch waves on a foil, flatwater paddle foil or all of these there is a board to suit.

Here is a good introductory SUP foiling video showcasing how to get started riding the SUP foil

Although obvious, before launching to SUP foil you should learn how the use paddle board in waves. Learning to foil SUP in either the waves or riding them downwind takes some commitment and has its own new set of techniques and safety considerations.

Using larger foils and slow speeds gives you a chance to master the basics of keeping the board \”on foil\”. Β Once on foil, more fine points of establishing a plane on foil, pitch control, roll centre stabilization, and safe falling techniques are essential.

Whether SUP Foiling, Foil Surfing or Wing Surfing, flying on a hydrofoil is a a totally unique sensation.

With so many different foil brands, wing sizes and mast sizes, there are few things to keep in mind. Here are few things to consider when choosing a foil for your paddle board and SUP foiling activities.

SUP Foiling

Wing size will impact the most how your foil will surf. Bigger wings are more stable and lift at lower speeds. Smaller wings are more playful in the surf and take more energy to generate lift. That makes bigger wings a little easier to learn on and easier to surf on smaller waves. Smaller wings will allow more control while surfing on bigger more powerful waves.

Mast size will impact how high out of the water you can fly before the foil breaches the surface. A longer mast will allow a rider to fly a lot higher out of the water, which may be a little intimidating for beginner riders. Once you learn where to balance the foil in the water a longer mast will not only let you fly higher but catch steeper waves more easily.

Last but not the least, your board should be compatible with the foil you buy. Foils attach to your foil surfboard in two ways. One being a tuttle box and the other being a track mount.

Flatwater SUP Foiling