Essentially eFoil is a surfboard with an electrical motor and propeller just above the wing of the hydrofoil. This moves the board through any water without wind or waves. The electric foilboard is powered by a silent electric motor and has a rechargeable battery. You control it by a handheld wireless remote that is connected to the foilboard via Bluetooth, making activity easy and silent using the smallest personal motorized watercraft.

Surfer needs no paddle or constantly kick their legs to keep the board in motion. The electric hydrofoil does all the work. You just need to find the perfect balance and enjoy the ride. Because there is no combustion and hardly any noise, Β they are environmentally friendly.

Electric Foilboards

Most people when they first see someone eFoiling they think it is difficult. But actually eFoiling has a very short learning curve. The feeling of balance and making turns is similar as with surfing or skateboarding. However, now you have full control over the speed of the board. Most beginners will be standing on the board within half an hour. Once you get this under control you can start raising out the water on the foil and feel yourself hovering over the water.

Complete eFoil setups vary in price anywhere from $5000 to $20000. Similar to surfing, the price of the board is based on the quality, technology, and size you’re seeking. There are currently two major brands in the sport of eFoiling β€” Lift Foils and Flite Board. Both companies are known for providing quality foil setups with excellent warranties and a variety of safety and performance features. For a more complete list, check out our article on the best eFoils on the market.

Lift Foils

Electric foil propulsion system can reach speeds of up to 20-28 mph, depending on the type of eFoil you purchase. The electric motor can typically run up to one hour, but this timeframe can vary based on the size of the rider and the speed they wish to travel.

The sport of eFoiling is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and is serving as a unique substitute for other personal watercraft. Unlike jet skis, eFoils are silent and environmentally conscious. Unlike surfing, eFoiling does not rely entirely on weather conditions. EFoiling allows you to get on the water more often, move at faster speeds, and enjoy a unique feeling that is described as a mixture of floating and flying.

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