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Foiling is transforming favourite water sports by providing thrilling new three dimensional ways to experience the feeling of levitating over water.

Hydrofoil types

Windfoiling / Wind Foiling

Wind foiling is the evolution of traditional windsurfing. It is practised with a traditional windsurf rig, a board often wider and stronger than the average and a foil instead of the fin.

Wing Foiling / Wingfoiling

Wing Foiling is a relatively new sport and refers to riding a board with a hydrofoil attached to the bottom, while generating power through the use of a handheld inflatable wing.

Kite Foiling / Kitefoiling

Kite Foiling is simply kiteboarding with the addition of a hydrofoil under the board. The foil allows you to kite along above the surface of the water. Kite foiling is faster, as the foil cuts through the water with minimal drag.

Foiling Sailboat Dinghies
Foiling Vessels

Traditional sailboats are displacement hulls with keels or centerboards. Foiling boats are ultra-light and have a wing on the centerboard and rudder, which allows the whole boat to rise out of the water.

SUP foiling / Supfoiling

The SUP foil is a discipline that allows you to sail above the water using a stand up paddle board and a hydrofoil. Just like wakefoil, it is possible to start with sup and ride waves

Efoil Efoiling

An eFoil is a surfboard with an electrical powered propeller just above the wing of the hydrofoil. This moves the board through any water. Wind or waves are not necessary.

Wake Foiling / Wake Foil
Surf Foiling

Foil surfing is the sport of riding a surfboard which has a hydrofoil attached to the board instead of a fin. This allows the surfboard to fly above the water. The surfer is essentially surfing the foil but riding the board.

Wake Foiling / Wakefoiling

Wake foil board system utilizes a foil that planes underwater and attaches to a traditional wakesurf board via a mast for a riding experience unlike anything else.

Foiling Equipment

Explore the world of hydrofoilng equipment. Guides, reviews, manufacturer directory and more…

Foiling news and events

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Wingfoil World Cup Fuerteventura 2023
Defi Wing 2023 – Highlights Day 1
Wingfoil World Cup Gran Canaria 2023
2023 Defi Wind Gruissan final Video